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If there’s one thing I’ve held off on, it’s buying furniture. Since slowly cleaning out the closets and trying to spend on better quality items, furniture is one of those long-term goals. I just don’t want to spend $5,000-plus in our home when putting that money towards saving would be better for the future. So for now, I’ve decided to put the following big purchases on pause for at least 6 months, if not 12 months:

Plantation shutters for the big front window, ~$1,000

New mattress and new bed, ~$3,000

Media console, ~$400

Sofa and 2 chairs, ~$1,200

But there are bridge solutions for each of these areas. For the big window, we have existing curtains and a rod that just need to be installed, and I need to iron the curtains to make them look fresh. As for the bed, it’s over 6 years old (actually 7 but it wasn’t used for the first year), but is still really comfortable and I think another 12 months won’t hurt our backs. The media console was a lovely “street find” but I could stain it and add a wicker basket to it. And as for the sofa, well, it was really starting to look janky:

Is this what you call “white”? Don’t mind my chihuahua, she wanted to be in the shot.

Note that the two throw pillows are actually from a bedding set and were also beyond saving. We bought this IKEA couch five years ago, and it is really comfortable. We’ve taken many a nap on it and had at least a dozen or more houseguests who’ve had a good night’s sleep on it. However, it’s usually covered with a sheet or blanket because it’s supposed to be a white sofa but it’s gotten so dirty that even scrubbing it clean at the laundromat has not resulted in a truly white couch.

The slipcovers are sold separately at IKEA, ranging from $49 for the white to $249 for the fancy beige with contrast piping and buttons:

I decided on the $149 gray cover, because I knew the white one would be dirty in a couple months, and $249 is a lot of money for a temporary solution. The gray cover actually looks awesome in person, it almost looks like washed gray jeans:

And I’ve been wanting new pillows as well, which will easily move to whatever new sofa we choose, so here’s the final look:

It looks so much better now, and the couch even looks fluffier and fuller. I’ll also be applying Scotch-Gard tonight to help keep this couch looking clean longer. There are a couple takeaway’s from today’s post:

White furniture and two dogs is not impossible- but you really need to pick up those slipcovers and wash them every 6 weeks or so (and I usually went at least 6 months)

I really need a new camera to better show off the finished product, these photos are rather depressing with their poor lighting!

It’s coming together slowly. There are still patio closets to clean, four boxes of books to go through, a few pieces of furniture to stain, and shelving projects to attack, besides big projects like new flooring and bathrooms. On second thought, it’s still very, very early and I still have so much to do!

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