Sliding Screen Doors and Sliding Doors Replacement – Progress Report

I last reported that our door project was looking at about $3,000 worth of updates, which was causing me to sweat profusely. But when the screen door guy came to measure our doors and confirm our estimate, he asked why I think we need to replace two of our doors. “Well, the bottom liner is chipped and the door doesn’t slide very easily,” I said. He then recommended that we simply replace the track and ball bearings of the door, which runs about $250, versus $1100+ for a new sliding door. He said our doors are actually quite nice, although they are about 30 years old, and probably need the rollers on the bottom replaced. And upon closer inspection, only one of the doors really needs this, the other door simply has a different handle that’s preventing it from closing properly and this is a $30 fix. So now we’re looking at about $300 to update our doors and $700 for the 3 high-quality screen doors.

I think a lot of us tend to get reckless when there is a project we want done. I really want sliding doors, so I was getting tempted to just throw it on the credit card and figure out how to pay it later, but I would have been spending money just to spend money. Typical American. This is a great house, but it’s got a lot of little quality issues because the contractor was god-awful and had absolutely no craftsmanship or cared in any way about the work. But we have our own labor available to us, and we shouldn’t pay for everything at the first or highest price quoted.

$1,000 is still a lot to throw down the money pit, but when it’s done we will have three sliding doors we can open without letting bugs in, and that will provide a functionality we don’t have right now, we have three pretty cool patios we are barely using because the doors are cumbersome, or we don’t want to leave the door open without a screen. We’re planning to get the whole project done within a month. In the words of Pinky Penguin from Bojack Horseman, it’s just a tiny matter of the bank and there not being any money in it.

I hope to have before/after photos to share in the next progress report!

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